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“Writing is like recovery to me. It is a journey of both despair and victory. The process can be hard. When we find ourselves face to face with our lifelong hurts, hang-ups, and baits, the situation can seem bleak. This is the reality of writing, but not the beauty of it. For me, the beauty of writing is what happens when you get what is on the inside …out. It sets me free. Free to share my hurts, my failure, and my pain.”

-Eric Jones, Author & Recovery Coach

Sharing your story is enough to start the healing process for not only you, but for others going through what you’ve been through. The powerful stories that Eric collects for publishing in the Peers Pencils & Pages book series show others that they are not alone and that they too can recover. Who knows …your story just may impact someone else’s life.

Submit your short story, poem, music, and art for inclusion in the release of Peers Pencils & Pages Volume II. Please do not submit content that contain any of the following: obscene or explicit material, unnecessary profanity, vulgarity, or inappropriate or graphic love scenes. Any material considered for publication that is found to be graphic will require a mandatory edit of the material and may result in a rejection of the material.

Submitting your story is easy! Simply use the Contact Form below, or send your story to us via email at:

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