My First Day with TGIM Peer Recovery & Wellness

“Working with Mr. Eric as a Recovery Coach was such a great learning experience. I acquired and obtained so much knowledgeable information. It was amazing to watch Mr. Eric work so patiently and diligently with his clients. I mostly enjoyed applying the different techniques that I gained from Mr. Eric with my own clients. The success rate of the clients were phenomenal. Thank you Mr. Eric for being a great co-worker and a amazing Recovery Coach.”

Raven J, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Four months ago, my job as a recovery coach with a company voted “Best Place to Work in Arkansas” came to an end. Although I had a plan in place in case I found myself unemployed, -it’s been a very scary time for me financially. I loved my job and the incredible team of professionals that I worked with -but according to my Wellness Recovery Action Plan, it was time to launch my own recovery coaching service. So I got to work getting TGIM Peer Recovery & Wellness open for business.

On yesterday, my very first client signed a Recovery Coaching Agreement with me and completed onboarding paperwork! It felt so good to be working again. One of the things I love most as a recovery coach is the various roles I must perform while working with a client. These roles include, but are not limited to: community organizer, motivator, ally and confidant, truth-teller, role model, problem solver, advocate, and friend. I was able to be all of these and more on yesterday. My client thanked me over and over before leaving. She said, “I woke up feeling hopeless and I don’t feel that way anymore. I’m so glad my friend referred you to me.”

At the end of my workday, I walked outside to feed the parking meter one last time and to get some fresh air when I saw Chris May standing on the sidewalk next to my truck. I spoke to him and asked for a photo. Chris smiled and replied, “Let’s do it!” (See me pictured with Chris in the Featured Photo)

Chris anchors the most watched newscast in the state of Arkansas and I watch it every single weekday. If I miss Chris at 5pm or 6pm -I definitely catch him at 10 before I drift off to sleep. Anyways, our buildings are right next to each other and after some small talk, we both returned to work.

Connecting my client to recovery and assisting her with removing obstacles in the way, made my workday a delight. Meeting my favorite news anchor was icing on the cake. My first day as a Recovery Coach with TGIM was a really good day. I smiled all the way home.

Now Accepting New Clients

There are many pathways to living a full, rich and meaningful life. Need a little help creating a path that works for you? Do you have a friend or family member who don’t have a real plan for success upon being released? Let’s talk. Perhaps I can help.

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